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Isn't now the time for you to enjoy your pool! "Graduate To Excellence," fill out our contact form and schedule a "Pool Review!"

CHEMICAL ONLY SERVICE - Weekly -----------------------$125.00 Monthly
Test water for Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity.
Monitor Conditioner, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness and Salt levels.
Monitor Total Dissolved Solids, Phosphates and Metals.
Balance Water (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Conditioner & Calcium Hardness).
Add needed chemicals along with Algae Preventive & Clarifier.
Chemicals must be rebalanced before service begins. (Additional Charge)
Client responsible for emptying baskets, cleaner bag, and cleaning pool.

CHEMICAL AND BASKET SERVICE - Weekly --------------- $150.00 Monthly
Includes Chemical Only Service.
Empty pool cleaner bag.
Clean all skimmer baskets & pump basket.
Lubricate o-rings, check valves and clock settings.
Client responsible for cleaning pool.

FULL SERVICE - Weekly - Pending Review -----------$200 to $400 Monthly
Includes Chemical and Basket Service.
Skim top of pool and remove debris from bottom.
Brush pool walls, steps and swim outs.
Backwash pool filter (Filter Cleanings- Additional Charge).
Inspect automatic pool cleaner and adjust.
Inspect all equipment to ensure proper operation.

FULL SERVICE COMBO POOL & SPA - Weekly--------$400 & Up Monthly
Includes Pool Full Service.
Includes Spa Full Service (Stand Alone).
Price decided after pool & spa review is completed.

Repairs & installations Spa service
Equipment sales Power washing services
New pool startups Solar installation & repair
Green pool cleanups    

NEW POOL START UPS (PEBBLE TECH) - Plaster is an additional $200
Gallons Prices
00,000 - 10,000 $850
10,000 - 20,000 $1100
20,000 - 30,000 $1350
30,000 - 40,000 $1600

NPC - Pool Start Up - Certification ---- Orenda - Start Up - Certification

New Pool Start Up

  • Client or Builder is required to retain our services 5-7 days prior to fill.
  • Includes adding proper chemicals while pool is filling. Require a fill date.
  • Brushing the entire pool, re-balancing chemicals / L.S.I. 2x-3x for 6 days.
  • This is a total of 12 visits.
  • Vacuum out all dust and debris with a brush vacuum head.
  • Filter clean and reprogram time clocks for normal operation.
  • Client or Builder is required to hire Alumni for weekly service for 30 days.
  • Rate determined prior to start up. $200 - $400 pending pool review.
  • Weekly service is required to make sure the pools chemical L.S.I. is balanced, debris is removed from the vessel, equipment is properly operating, pool is brushed a minimum of once a week & address, if any, issues once the surface has cured properly 30 days after Start Up.
  • Additional charges for pool cleaner installation and salt delivery, mixing and additonal my be required.

We recommend Freedom Pool Service for the following Residential and Commercial services.

Variable speed pumps Valve automation
Automated controllers UV installations
Solar controllers Ozone installations
Water chemistry controllers Heater installations

Freedom Pools - CCL #983413
Drew Coppoline
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