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APS Updated Company & Client Policies - Effective 5/1/2018
All policies and practices may be subject to changed at any time. Updated 08/28/2023.

Determining if APS can accommodate providing you Pool Service:

  1. We will need full contact info including name of owner, address of the property needing service, phone number & email address to assess if we can add you into a current route.

  2. Depending on the route and type of service determines the day of service.

  3. We will need to do a "Pool Review" covering your pool vessel, chemistry, equipment and landscape to qualify you for service. There is an $85 charge to perform a Pool Review. If you decide to join the monthly service we will refunded the $85 on your first months invoice.

  4. We will need access to the mentioned above on the day the review is scheduled.

  5. You do not need to be home at the time of the pool review if you are busy. We will fill out a checklist on the back of our service contract with our findings. I will then leave the document & business card on site for you to review at your leisure.

  6. We require any pool vessel, chemistry, equipment and landscape issues discovered during the pool review to be addressed prior to taking on the client for weekly service.

  7. Our current rates run from $200 - $400 per month for Full Pool Service once a week pending the pool review.

APS Service Contract Policy Updates - Effective 5/1/2018:

  1. Client is responsible for refilling the pool or spa to proper operational level for all services prior to your service day.

  2. APS requires the following in order to provide weekly service:

    • A clear and safe path through gateways, walkways, around the pool/spa and the equipment area.

    • All pool toys, floatation devices, chairs, tables, ect removed from around the pool/spa on your service day or we are unable to provide service.

    • A 24" clearence around the entire pool or spa.

    • All gates must be 100% functional and easily operational.

    • All pets need to be restained during service.

    • We can not service though common or interior living spaces. An extior entrance is needed for us to service any indoor pool or spa.

  3. Types Of Services - Pools:

    • Test water for Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity.
    • Monitor Conditioner, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness and Salt levels.
    • Monitor Total Dissolved Solids, Phosphates and Metals.
    • Balance Water (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Conditioner & Calcium Hardness).
    • Add needed chemicals along with Algae Preventive & Clarifier
    • Chemicals must be rebalanced before service begins. (Additional Charge).
    • Client responsible for emptying baskets, cleaner bag, and cleaning pool.
    $125 per month

    • Includes Chemical Only Service.
    • Empty pool cleaner bag.
    • Clean all skimmer baskets & pump basket.
    • Lubricate o-rings, check valves and clock settings.
    • Client responsible for cleaning pool.
    $150 per month

    C. FULL SERVICE - Weekly
    • Includes Chemical and Basket Service.
    • Skim top of pool and remove debris from bottom.
    • Brush pool walls, steps and swim outs.
    • Backwash pool filter (Filter Cleanings - Additional Charge)
    • Inspect automatic pool cleaner and adjust.
    • Inspect all equipment to ensure proper operation.
    • Minimum pool service rates are $200 - $400.
    Price decided after pool review is completed.

    • Includes Pool Full Service.
    • Includes Spa Full Service (Stand Alone)
    • Minimum Combo service rates are $400 & Up.
    Price decided after pool & spa review is completed.

    Cyaniric Acid (Stabilizer) is used in all pools & spas to industry standards & allowable tolerances.

    Salt addition is a seperate charge from weekly service. There is a minimum 1/2 hr labor for delivery and proper mixing.

    Types Of Services - Spas:

    A. FULL SERVICE – Weekly
    • Monitor Chlorine or Bromine, pH, Alkalinity.
    • Monitor Conditioner, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness.
    • Monitor Total Dissolved Solids, Phosphates and Metals.
    • Balance Water (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness).
    • Add needed chemicals along with Clarifier, Enzymes and Foam Down.
    • Remove & inspect filter or filters.
    • Internal spa filters – Cleaned annually as needed.
    • External spa filters - Estimated on site.
    • Skim top of spa water as needed.
    • Vacuum debris from bottom as needed.
    • Brush spa walls, steps and swim outs as needed.
    • Clean inside of cover as needed.
    • Clean fixtures as needed.
    • Inspect all equipment to ensure proper operation.
    $185 per month.

    B. Additional Services Spas - Decided on after inspection.

    •Chemical Start Up Only-(Oxidizer, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium) -

    •Basic Water Change -(Drain, Filter Clean, Refill, Chem Restart)-

    •Basic Spa Cleaning - ( Basic Water Change + Power Wash) -

    •Ultra Spa Cleaning - ( Basic Spa Cleaning + Spa Purge) -

    New Customers: (Ultra Spa Cleaning required or we can not provide weekly spa service)

    SPA WATER CHANGES - Needed regularly.

    •Spa water must be changed every 3-6 months pending 1500 ppm maximum TDS levels.

    •Spa water must be changed every 3-4 months pending 100 ppm maximum conditioner levels in chlorine spas.

  4. Additional Services Over All - Service calls, Repairs, Solar on/off, Etc:

    • Any and all additional services required or requested by the client, not listed above, are charged separate from the weekly maintenance.

    • Service calls, any repairs, additional maintenance, solar on/off will be billed at one hour minimum at $85 per hour.

    • Any of the above that require more than 5 minutes of time fall under the hourly minimum rate.

    • After the first billed hour then the client will be billed at 1/2 hour increments from there forward until the job is complete.

    • Contract jobs will follow C.S.L.B. standards and will include costs for materials, labor, notice to owner, 3 day cancellation and insurance information.

    • Sub contractors or 3rd party repairs will be billed directly through that entity and not through APS unless other wise stated during contractual agreements.

    NEW POOL START UPS (PEBBLE TECH) - Plaster - additional $200
    Gallons Prices
    00,000 - 10,000 $850
    10,000 - 20,000 $1100
    20,000 - 30,000 $1350
    30,000 - 40,000 $1600

    NPC - Pool Start Up - Certification ---- Orenda - Start Up - Certification

    • Client or Builder is required to retain our services 5-7 days prior to fill.

    • Includes adding proper chemicals while pool is filling. Require a fill date.

    • Brushing the entire pool, re-balancing chemicals / L.S.I. 2x-3x for 6 days.

    • This is a total of 12 visits.

    • Vacuum out all dust and debris with a brush vacuum head.

    • Filter clean and reprogram time clocks for normal operation.

    • Client or Builder is required to hire Alumni for weekly service for 30 days.

    • Rate determined prior to start up. $200 - $400 pending pool review.

    • Weekly service is required to make sure the pools chemical L.S.I. is balanced, debris is removed from the vessel, equipment is properly operating, pool is brushed a minimum of once a week & address, if any, issues once the surface has cured properly 30 days after Start Up.

    • Additional charges for pool cleaner installation and salt delivery, mixing and additonal my be required.

  5. Filter Cleanings & Phos Treatments :

    • FC & Phos Treatment annually serviced - March & April - Prior to solar on.

    • FC is required at double the starting pressure of the clean filter. Other wise the filter is cleaned during the annual schedule.

    • Sand Filter - Backwash included - Full Service

    • Single Cartridge Filter cleaning - $100

    • 4x Cartridge Filter cleaning - $125

    • 8x Cartridge Filter cleaning - $175

    • D.E. Filter cleaning - $300

    • Phos Treatment W/CHEM, VAC & FC - Sand filter - $250

    • Phos Treatment W/CHEM, VAC & FC - Cartridge filter - $350

    • Phos Treatment W/CHEM, VAC & FC - D. E. filter - $450

  6. Solar:

    • Solar On - Around the week of April 15.

    • Solar Off - Around the week of October 31.

    • Solar that requires more than 5 minutes of time to turn on or off falls under the hourly minimum rate.

    • We recommend having a solar installation company come out every couple of years to inspect the panels on the roof.

  7. Off Season - Seasonal Change of Service:

    • Some clients prefer to change service during the off season.

    • On Season - May - October - Full Service.

    • Off Season - November - April - Chemical Only or Chem & Basket.

    • Pools with heavy debris fall can not be considered for Off Season rates do to chemical efficiency & possible equipment damage.

    • Covered pools will require an occasional cleaning of debris and reset pumps - $42.50

    • Opening of all pools for the start of the season requires a minimum of 1 hour labor as of 1/1/2022 - $85.00

  8. Repair Notifications:

    • When a client / customer are notified of a necessary repair, they will have seven (7) business days to have the repair completed or schedule date for completion.

    • Repairs may be made by the owner, APS, a sub contractor or another company of the clients / customers choice.

    • If the client / customer does not repair or scheduled a date for the repair completion, APS has the right to cancel service the following billing cycle (1st of the month) due to ownership neglect.

    • Alumni Pool Service will not be held liable for ownership refusal of necessary repairs.

    Pre - Otherization up to $100 for parts needing replacement. This gives Alumni the right to replace any parts we find needing replacement up to $100 without contact to client or authorization from client. Any parts over $100 will need to have the clients authorize before replacement.

    Examples: Cleaner bags, Tail Scrubbers, Skimmer Baskets, Pump Baskets

  9. Landscape Notifications:

    • When a client / customer are notified of a necessary landscape issue, they will have seven (7) business days to have the issue completed or schedule date for completion.

    • Landscape notification is to notify the owner that part of the landscape is unsafe or damaging the pool, vessel,equipment, affecting the chemistry to where it has become unmanageable on a service visit in a timely manor.

    • If the client / customer does not resolve the issue or scheduled a date to resolve the landscape issue, APS has the right to cancel service the following billing cycle (1st of the month) due to ownership neglect.

  10. Billing Cycle starts on the 1st of every month:

    • Billing invoices are mailed / e-mailed out on the 1st of every month for that current month.

    • Any additional charges from the previous month and current month will be invoiced on a current or additional invoice.

    • You are billed at a 4/4 rate per month. That is for 4 service visits per month the client pays for.

    • Monthly service rates are the same during time off & training weeks.

    • Please pay your bill anytime during the month of the current billing cycle (1st—30/31).

    • I do this so my clients can change or cancel service at the beginning of
    the month and billing cycle.

    We can no longer change service in the middle of the billing cycle.

    • If you wish to change your service we need notification prior to the 1st of the next billing cycle.

    • If your payment does not arrive prior to the 1st of the next billing cycle, service will be placed on hold until payment is secured.

    • If this affects the quality of your pool, you the client, will be required to pay any extra services in order to get the pool back in operational order.

    • We will require the late payment and current payment due on account to be paid in full in order to resume service.

    • Any invoices that are outstanding or over 30 days due will be procured through legal action and sent to a collections agency that may interfere with your credit rating.

    This is a month to month contract.

    Example: 2/1/2018
    June Filter Cleaning $100.00
    Tail scrubber $5 + Tax = $5.46
    July Pool Service $185.00
    Total Due: $290.46

  11. Service Interruption:

    • If service is to be interrupted by client / customer for any reason, APS requires notification with in seven (7) business days prior to the requested date of interruption.

    • This includes construction, tree pruning, 3rd party repairs, access to property such as gates, etc.

    • With proper notification APS will not bill the client for services not performed.

    • If APS is not properly notified the client will be billed for that visit.

  12. Sale / Rental of Property:

    • If a client / customer places their property on the market for sale or rental, we require full monthly payment prior to providing service.

    • We will continue to require full monthly payment prior to service until the property is sold or while being rented.

    • Payment will be due prior to the first service visit of the month.

    • If prior payment is not secured by client, we will place a hold on service.

    • Once a hold is placed on service the client is responsible for any payments due.

    • If a client / customer refuses to secure payment in advance then Alumni Pool Service releases all liability and responsibility for the pool / spa and service will be canceled.

  13. Time Off = (Vacation + Training):

    • 3 weeks time off a year + 1 week for training.

    • We will no longer be able to perform one week of free services per year. This week will be used for training purposes starting May 1, 2018.

    • 1 week of training will be scheduled sometime during the off season. (September - March).

    • Possible choices for training pending on year and availability:

    • Pie Show - September
    • Pentair Training - October
    • International Pool, Spa & Patio Show - November

    • Training is needed to keep up with the innovations of the industry and provide the client with better service.

    • The week of Thanksgiving, X-Mass and New Year’s we are closed for time off.

    • During this time of the year we can over compensate for chemicals prior to time off.

    • Spa chemical packs will be left on site at owners request for second week of time off.

    • This will have little or no effect on your pool unless you are using your heater.

    • If you are having a special occasion we can discuss the matter of getting the pool or spa serviced.

    • The client / customer needs to provide their request fourteen (14) business days prior to our time off.

    • Without proper notification I can not fulfill there request to have
    the pool or spa serviced.

    • Service during our time off is charged at an hourly rate.

    • 4 times a month service X 12 months in a calendar year = 48 visits a year the client pays for service.

    • A calendar year is 52 weeks – 48 weeks (service) = 4 weeks of non-paid service.

    • 48 weeks service + 3 weeks time off + 1 week training = 52 weeks total.

    Monthly service rates are the same all 12 months including when time off & training weeks are scheduled.

  14. Cancellation of Services:

    • Alumni Pool Service reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time for any reason.

    • Client must contact APS by phone, text, email or regular mail in order to cancel.

    • Client will owe current balance up to cancellation date.

  15. Mediation Clause:

    • The parties agree that any dispute or controversy, arising of or connection with the service contract agreement or any alleged breach thereof, shall be subject to mediation.

    • During mediation or litigation all parties involved are restrained from saying or stating anthing negative on all social media platforms.

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