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  Isn't now the time for you to enjoy your spa! "Graduate To Excellence," fill out our contact form and schedule an Ultra Spa Cleaning!

FULL SERVICE - Weekly ------------------------------------ $185.00 Monthly
Monitor Chlorine or Bromine, pH, Alkalinity.
Monitor Conditioner, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness.
Monitor Total Dissolved Solids, Phosphates and Metals.
Balance Water (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness).
Add Clarifier, Enzymes and Foam Down as needed.
Remove & inspect filter or filters.
Internal spa filters – Cleaned annually as needed.
External spa filters - Estimated on site.
Skim top of spa water as needed.
Vacuum debris from bottom of spa as needed.
Brush or wipe down spa walls, steps and swim outs as needed.
Clean inside of cover as needed.
Clean Fixtures as needed.
Inspect equipment to ensure proper operation.

FULL SERVICE COMBO POOL & SPA - Weekly---------- $400 & Up Monthly
Includes Pool Full Service.
Includes Spa Full Service (Stand Alone).
Price decided after pool & spa review is completed.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES - Decided on after review.
Chemical Start Up Only - (Oxidizer, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium) ---------$100.00
Basic Water Change - (Drain, Filter Clean, Refill, Chem Start Up)-- $185.00
Basic Spa Cleaning- (Basic Water Change + Power Wash) -------- $275.00

Ultra Spa Cleaning - (Basic Spa Cleaning + Purge (clean pipes) -- $375.00

New Customers:
(Ultra Spa Cleaning required or we can not provide weekly service)

Ultra Spa Cleanings we require full payment up front.
We require full payment up front via email through Quickbooks Invoice - Debit card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Apple Pay.

NOTES - To all customers.
Client is responsible for refilling the spa to proper operational level for all services.
Spa water must be changed every 3-6 months pending 1500 maximum TDS levels over initial TDS starting point. (Bromine & Chlorine)
Chlorine spas will need to be water changed every 3-4 months due to high conditioner levels (100 ppm) maximum level.

We recommend Spa Technician for the following Spa Residential and Commercial services.

Repairs on all spa models UV installations and repairs
Install spa covers and lifters Ozone installations and repairs
Removal of old covers Heater installations and repairs
Spa filter replacement Pump installations and repairs

Spa Technician - CCL #679221
Jeff and Mike Fleming
For referral and discount code use: ALUMNI

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