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About Us

Alumni Pool Service was formed to provide pool clients better individual customer service. Each client has their own specific needs when it comes to taking care of their pool or spa. The owner of Alumni Pool Service and our highly qualified staff will personally service your pool or spa each and every week to make sure these needs are met. We have also formed a team of professionals to provide our clients the best possible service referrals for repairs and installations for pool, spas, equipment, solar, tile, remodeling and sales.

Your swimming pool should always be ready for you to cool off on a hot day or just hang out and relax at any time. Maintenance on a pool can be quite tedious. Not everyone who owns a pool has the time to do all the things necessary to keep it clean and healthy.

Let Alumni Pool Service free you from the tasks of taking care of your pool.
We will test and chemically treat the water for enjoyable and safe swimming conditions. Our service also includes emptying out your skimmer basket, pool cleaner and pump basket. We always brush the steps and swim-outs after we have removed any leaves or debris from your pool. The tile and vessel are brushed as needed. While on site we will also make certain all the equipment is in good working order.

Isn't now the time for you to enjoy your pool! "Graduate To Excellence," fill out our contact form and schedule a "Pool Review!"

A few reasons why you should consider going with Alumni Pool Service:

  • Contractor’s License – Tested, Bonded & Licensed by the State of CA
  • Certifications – Water Chemistry, Pool Start up, CPO, Orenda
  • Continuing Education – PIE / PSP Expo, Manufactures Training, Etc.
  • Pass a background check – No Criminal Record, No Lawsuits, No Debt
  • Insured up to 3 million – Ippsa Union Member / Arrow Insurance
  • Dependable Vehicle – No leaks in drive way, not an eye sore
  • Backed by Freedom Pool Service – Warranty for 3 different Manufactures
  • Great Attendance – Only 1 short period for medical absence in 13+ years
  • Owner personally provides weekly maintenance on all pools & spas
  • Commercial - Test Kits - Taylor
  • Tracer Digital Tester – Salt – TDS - Temp
  • Test for L.S.I. – Proper Chemical Balanced Water – Orenda APP
  • Specialty Chemicals – Enzymes, Phosphates, Algicides, Clarifiers, etc.
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